The Skinny on Birth Works

Using ancient techniques and exercises, Birth Works encourages women to focus on the beauty of birth, not the pain.

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“I don’t need to teach a woman how to give birth,” says Jennifer Cowsert, a certified Birth Works instructor. “It’s embedded in her body.”

The premise that every woman instinctively knows how to give birth is reflected in this method’s motto – “Birth Works … because it’s ancient – and in the content of the classes. What Cowsert tries to do is to instill in her students the confidence to listen to their own bodies and to “give women back their power.”

Birth Works classes incorporate experiential techniques, such as pelvic bodywork to increase a woman’s awareness of her own pelvis. The method caters in part to women who have had a previous Cesarean-section. Cowsert estimates that 95 percent of her students who had had a previous C-section were able to successfully have a vaginal birth. But the goal of Birth Works is to make women feel positive about birth, whether it’s vaginal or by C-section.

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