The Physical and Psychological Signs of Stress

How Stressed Are You?

Psychological Signs of Stress

The American Medical Women’s Association lists the following psychological and physical signs of stress. How many do you have?

• Are you nervous, anxious?

• Do you feel depressed or sad?

• Are you irritable or moody?

• Do you often become frustrated?

• Are you forgetful?

• Do you have trouble thinking clearly?

• Can you make decisions without agonizing?

• Is it difficult to learn new information?

• Do you have insomnia?

• Are you plagued by negative thoughts?

• Are you fidgety?

• Are you accident-prone?

• Do you bite your fingernails or cuticles?

Physical Signs of Stress

The following symptoms, if chronic, may be signs of extreme anxiety and stress. They may also relate to a physical disorder. If they are sudden, severe or persistent, see your doctor.

• Back pain

• Muscle tension

• Headaches

• Shaking hands

• Diarrhea

• Constipation

• Pounding heart

• Chest pain

• Sweaty, cold hands

• Shortness of breath

• Indigestion or gas pains

• Burping

• A burning sensation in your chest

• Feeling faint or dizzy

• A lingering head cold

• Ringing in your ears

• Grinding your teeth

• Hives or skin rashes

• Loss of appetite

• Feeling nauseated, vomiting

• Pain in your stomach

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