The Nanny Test: New Nanny Credential Exam
When parents interview potential nannies, they look for someone who’s responsible, kind and loves kids. But parents often overlook important things like whether the applicant knows first aid or infant CPR, or has any knowledge of current child development research.

The International Nanny Association’s new Nanny Credential Exam can put a more qualified nanny in charge of your kids. The 90-minute multiple-choice exam not only measures a nanny’s knowledge of the job, but also assesses personal qualities and professionalism. The questions address a wide range of topics, including child development, child guidance, communication skills, multicultural awareness, safety, management skills, health and nutrition.

Before taking the exam, the association suggests that candidates have a minimum of 2,000 hours of professional childcare experience and a current certificate in infant/child CPR and first aid. Once they pass the test, nannies will receive a certificate that they can add to their resume.

If you’re interested in taking the test, contact the International Nanny Association at 888-878-1477 to request the Nanny Credential Exam Information Booklet, or visit the Web site at

From Bay Area Parent, a United Parenting Publication, August 2003.

 – Jody Ryan