The Many Ways to Save for College

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What are your college savings options? Some parents tap into home equity loans, variable life insurance policies and even retirement accounts. But there are programs specifically for education savings, including:

  • 529 and Coverdell education savings plans - These are both tax-exempt savings plans, although the 529s vary by state and can include prepaid tuition plans that lock in current tuition costs at in-state public colleges. Coverdell Education Savings Accounts can be used to pay for primary, secondary and postsecondary education costs.

  • Credit card rebate programs - Programs such as UPromise® and BabyMint™ offer tax-exempt rebates, to be used for college savings, when you purchase products or services from particular businesses.

  • Certificates of Deposit and U.S. Treasury Savings Bonds - Each have education-dedicated savings options.

Check out, a college planning Web site created by financial aid expert Mark Kantrowitz, to learn more about your savings options.

Check out the other articles in this series:


The resources listed below cover long-range planning for college savings. This is just a small sampling of the resources available, but a good place to start.

Financial Planners or Advisors

Both membership organizations list local financial planners and good financial planning tips:

College Financing Advice

  •   - Offers information to students and parents about saving for and applying to college.

  •   - This award-winning Web site has information on aid, scholarships, loans, savings plans and more.

  •   - Provides information, tips and news about college savings options, including 529s and Coverdell Education Savings Accounts.