The Holiday Idea Factory

Activities for the Whole Family -

Let’s face it: As parents we sometimes run out of ideas to keep our kids (and ourselves) amused, especially over long holidays and the accompanying school vacations. To help jump-start your creative juices, here are a few suggestions...

The World's 5 Best Holiday Cookies
Are we exaggerating? You decide. We've just gotten back from traveling the culinary cosmos in search of the perfect holiday cookie. No bakery was neglected, no cookie jar left unturned. After months of research-and multiple dental appointments-we've returned with these five holiday cookie recipes guaranteed to tickle your taste buds. You can thank us later. Click to learn more

Hands-On Crafts: Sweet Treats for Giving
In the spirit of the holiday giving season, why not put your own little elves to work making gifts for their family, friends and other important people in their lives? The kids will enjoy a fun activity and be proud of something they’ve created themselves. These easy kitchen projects are fun for the whole family to create and even more fun to give and enjoy!

13 Great Gifts Your Kids Can Make
Many of us lament the fact that our kids look at Christmas or Hanukkah as a prime time for receiving that doll, computer game or plastic castle that they’ve “always” wanted. How can we teach our children to enjoy giving as much as receiving? Click to learn more

Watch Together: The 10 Greatest Holiday Films

You’ve seen them countless times. You have a fond history together. They never fail to lift your spirits or temper your nerves. And yet, you only bring them into your home once a year. We’re talking about holiday movies, of course, and anyone who claims not to have a favorite is either lying or named Ebenezer... Click to learn more

Frosty Fun Inside and Out
Whether the forecast is for a mid-winter heat wave or 10 inches of fresh snow, your family will have a great time trying some of these activities that celebrate the fun and beauty of the winter season. Click to learn more

More Holiday Fun: