The Flu and You: How Do You Keep from Getting Sick?

By Christina Elston

There’s a lot that you and your family can do to stay healthy.

Washing HandsWash your hands. “The power is really with us,” says Lichtveld. “Hand washing reduces 95 percent of transmissions.” Teach your kids to sing the ABCs while they lather and rinse, for example. “Then you have done hand washing well,” she says.

Sleep, exercise and eat well. All of these can make a big difference in the body’s immune system. Sears says that when he’s not feeling well, he bumps up his fruit and vegetable consumption. “Now’s the time to start that, before the flu season hits,” he says.

• As flu begins to circulate, try to avoid crowds and keep your family’s exposure to a minimum.

Infectious disease specialist Pia Pannaraj, M.D., of Childrens Hospital Los Angeles reminds parents to take steps to protect themselves if their child comes down with the flu. “I think it’s hard to stay out of their line of cough,” she says. But holding little ones with their head on your shoulder or against your chest will keep your face out of the way.

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