The Crafty Mom: Wrap Up the Holidays Your Way!

The Crafty MomThis craft is a great stay-inside project as we get close to the holidays. It can be done quickly, or it can take up an entire afternoon! It’s perfect for all ages and levels of creativity, and is an ingenious way to finish off the gifts you’ll give to those you love. You’ll double their pleasure by wrapping those little presents in a piece of your art – and you’re recycling at the same time!

Wrapping PaperWhat You Need

• several brown paper bags
• rubber stamps of your choice
• ink pads in your choice of colors
• aluminum foil
• double-sided tape
• glitter in your choice of colors
• white glue
• crayons
• scissors
• 1 paper plate

What You Do

1. For the RUBBER-STAMPED paper: Choose some holiday rubber stamps and rub them on the ink pad, design-side down. Then stamp onto the paper at random.

2. For the FOIL-STRIPED paper: Cut three-quarter-inch -strips of aluminum foil and set aside. Take a length of double-sided tape and stretch it across the paper in desired position. Carefully place one aluminum foil strip onto the tape (grasp carefully at each end and set the whole strip down on top of the tape in one motion). Repeat, adding more aluminum foil strips about an inch apart. This is best for smaller pieces of paper – for a very special little package.

3. For the GLITTER paper: “Draw” lines, curves, squiggles, dots, dashes, circles or other random designs onto the paper with the white glue. Quickly sprinkle glitter over the wet glue. Carefully lift the paper very slightly, and tilt it a little so the glitter scatters and covers all of the glue. Then dump the extra glitter onto the paper plate to keep from making a mess.

4. For the HANDPRINT paper: Pick your favorite colored crayons and trace around your hand on the paper. Do it several times. Siblings can “join hands” on one piece of paper, or each do their own separate one.