The Crafty Mom: The Sweetest Little Turkey EVER!

Want to make your Thanksgiving table extra festive this year? Why not create this cute little place marker that’s as appetizing as the dinner itself? It’s a tasty treat that could help your pumpkin pie finish off the meal in the sweetest and most original style!
This project takes just a few minutes, and you’re likely to have all the ingredients already on hand for holiday parties. Adults or older children can help younger ones with the candle used to “glue” all the pieces together.

What You Need

• “Mother’s” cookies – Striped Shortbread
• Square-shaped caramels or Snickers minis
• Droste milk chocolate pastilles
• Candy corn
• candle – in a secure holder
• clean flat plate (paper or otherwise)

What You Do

1. Set out a clean plate as a work surface. Take out a striped shortbread cookie, and a Droste pastille. Now the older helper handles the candle duty: Carefully, hold the pastille over the candle so that only one edge gets the heat and just starts to melt. (This will take literally only a second!) Stand the cookie up, so its stripes are vertical. The cookie will be your turkey’s big feathered tail. Push the melted edge of the pastille gently, but securely, against the bottom front of the cookie, so the melted edge fuses to the cookie. The pastille will help your turkey stand up. Let the melted chocolate cool for a few seconds until it’s hardened again.

2. Unwrap the square-shaped caramel or Snickers mini – your choice! These will be your turkey’s body. Carefully, hold one side of the square-shaped candy to the candle flame – again, so it just starts to melt a little. Then, gently push it onto the Droste pastille so it’s toward the back, and closely up against the upright cookie. Let the melted chocolate cool until it’s hardened again.

3. Now, give your turkey its beaked head. Carefully, grasp a piece of candy corn (by the pointy tip) and hold the larger end to the candle flame for a second, until the candy softens. Then gently press the softened end on the top of the turkey’s candy body – right in the middle. You want the pointy end of the candy corn to stick out in front. Wait a few seconds for the candy to cool so it’s anchored in place.

Repeat these steps for each turkey you want to make. Don’t forget to blow the candle out when you’re finished.

Mary Lyon is the author of The Frazzled Working Woman’s Practical Guide to Motherhood and former host of DIY Crafts TV show. See more Crafty Mom projects.