The Crafty Mom: Stand UP for Valentine’s Day!

By Mary Lyon

Here’s a stand-up way to honor your Valentine! You can make this clever little picture frame that stands by itself, and is as sweet as the love in your heart. This craft is easy, inexpensive and can be made with things you probably have in your kitchen junk drawer.

An older crafter can help the younger one with the cutting and the gluing, but the results are satisfying for all ages!

Valentine's Day Picture Frame CraftWhat You Need

• a favorite photograph, suitable for framing
• round plastic lid, 3.5 to 4 inches in diameter
• a smaller round plastic lid, about 3 inches in diameter
• 18 to 20 colorful candy “conversation hearts”
• pipe cleaner in a Valentine’s Day color
• plastic lid from a juice or milk bottle
• a smaller plastic cap from a soda bottle
• double-sided tape
• pencil with an eraser
• scissors
• medium-heat glue gun

What You Do

1. Center the smaller (3-inch round) plastic lid on the photo and draw around the lid with a pencil. Then cut along the line you drew, so you have a nice round picture, 3 inches in diameter.

2. Place the photo in the center of the inside of the larger (3.5- to 4-inch round) plastic lid. Anchor it in place with double-sided tape.

3. Arrange a handful of the “conversation hearts” around the photo, word-side up, just inside the rim of the lid. Make sure they all fit. If you wind up with gaps, get the pipe cleaner. Bend the pipe cleaner so it’s slightly curved and fit it into the lid, just inside the rim. Glue it into place with the glue gun and let dry for about 30 seconds. Then try the hearts again, to make sure they fit snugly, “framing” the photo. Glue the hearts in place, three at a time. Let the glue dry.

4. Now make a “stand” for your round Valentine frame. Place the plastic lid from the juice or milk bottle right-side-up on your work surface. Glue the soda bottle lid, right-side-up, onto the top of it – NOT centered, but over toward one side. What you now have is a “two-level” lid. Let the glue dry.

5. Put a few drops of glue on both levels of the two-level lid you just made – on the same side. Set it firmly on your work surface, and stand your Valentine frame upright directly against it, so the back of the frame meets the glued edges of the two-level lid. Press it in place for a few moments, until the glue dries.

Now, place your stand-up picture frame where everyone can admire it. It will remind you of your Valentine for the rest of the year!