The Crafty Mom: Light Up Your Halloween Night!

By Mary Lyon

The Crafty MomJack-o-lanterns can pop up anywhere this month, even without a pumpkin in sight! Here’s a fun and easy way to make one that you can use as a night-light in your room or anywhere else in your home! Any age can make this craft – in minutes, although it’s always fun when young and old try it together!

Jack o LanternWhat You Need
• a clean baby food jar with lid
• pencil
• corrugated cardboard
• ruler
• orange construction paper
• scissors
• double-stick tape
• light stick

What You Do
1. Measure and cut a piece of orange construction paper that’s 8 inches long and 4 inches wide.

2. With the lid of the baby food jar, trace two circles around it on the orange construction paper you just measured and cut. Space them evenly, and at least an inch in from each side edge.

3. Make sure your piece of paper is resting fully on the piece of cardboard (that’s your work surface and it’s very important here). With the pencil point, poke holes in the paper – along the lines you traced around the baby food jar lid. Leave at least 1/4 to 1/3 inch between each hole. Poke down firmly so you have two circles outlined in nice, clear holes. But make sure that the piece of cardboard is in place! The cardboard underneath will absorb the poking and save your table top! Then poke three holes each for triangular eyes and nose, and about 11 holes for a smiling mouth. You should now see the faces of two jack-o-lanterns smiling up at you!

4. Now, add a piece of double-stick tape along one side of the orange construction paper. Stand it up and curve it around the outside of the empty baby food jar. Make sure the poked holes face out. You want the smooth side of the paper against the side of the jar. Overlap one side of the paper on the side with the double-stick tape and press them together.

5. When it starts getting dark outside, drop a shining light stick in and voila! A glowing handmade jack-o-lantern light!