The Crafty Mom: Happy Halloween Wreath

By Mary Lyon

Happy Halloween WreathThis is a great recycling project, and you'll get lots of compliments for being terrifyingly clever! You can complete this wreath in an evening, then hang it on any door to create the perfect Halloween mood.

What You Need

  • wire coat hanger

  • brown paper grocery bag

  • white plastic grocery bag

  • 7 white pipe cleaners

  • At least 40 pipe cleaners in Halloween colors

  • wire cutter

  • scissors

  • 7 white cotton balls

  • medium-heat glue gun

  • black Sharpie™ marker

What You Do

1. Bend the coat hanger into a full round shape - as the form for your wreath.

2. Cut up the brown paper bag into small leaf shapes, each about two inches in length. You'll need about 80 leaves.

3. Cut the Halloween-colored pipe cleaners in half. With the glue gun, glue at least an inch of one pipe cleaner end onto a paper leaf - like a stem. Repeat until all the pipe cleaners have a leaf glued to one end. Glue the remaining leaves to the opposite ends of as many pipe cleaners as you wish. They don't all have to have leaves on both ends.

4. Twist the leafy pipe cleaners onto the rounded part of the coat hanger until the whole hanger is covered in Halloween leaves and twigs.

5. Now, make seven ghosts to add in. Cut seven 5-to-6-inch squares from the white plastic grocery bag. Place a cotton ball in the middle of each square. Twist the square tightly around it with a white pipe cleaner - to make a small round head. The excess ends of the square form the body of the ghost - no trimming needed. Leave the ends of the pipe cleaner free, also.

6. With the black Sharpie, draw eyes on the front of each ghost's head. Then twist all seven ghosts onto the wreath using the free ends of each white pipe cleaner. Bend or spiral the ends as you like, so the ghosts look like they're flying through the Halloween leaves.

Use the hook of the hanger to hang your Halloween wreath on your door, and give all your trick-or-treaters a special visual treat!