The Crafty Mom: Egg-cellent Spring Splendor
By Mary Lyon

Put on your Easter bonnet, and dress up your Easter eggs, too! And why not celebrate the beauties of Earth Day at the same time? This project is a "gift that keeps on giving," because the kids can preserve their favorite spring blooms for crafting purposes all year long. Besides, collecting those flowers together is fun, all by itself. It's affordable, and any age can do this - plus kids always like something that's a little goopy! Actual crafting time is about an hour, and preparations the night before require mere minutes.

What You Need:

  • 1 handful of fresh-picked flowers, stems removed
  • 2 sheets of clean, dry paper towels
  • 1 heavy box or large book as a weight
  • Several eggs for coloring - either real ones blown and empty, or even plastic ones
  • 3 or 4 sheets of colored tissue paper
  • 1 container of "mod podge" or other decoupaging medium (either gloss or matte finish)
  • 1 paper plate
  • Several pairs of wooden chopsticks
  • 1 sheet of wax paper
  • Baby wipes for cleanup
What You Do:

1. Prepare the flowers. Place each blossom face-down on a paper towel. Nothing touching, and petals nicely spread out. Single petals are OK, too. Cover with another paper towel. Carefully set the weight on top - it should be big enough to cover everything underneath, evenly. Leave it overnight to dry and flatten.

2. Select your favorite dried posies. Tear up small pieces of the colored tissue paper. Pour the decoupaging medium into the plate. Prepare a drying surface on the wax paper by separating the chopsticks and setting them on it, close together - like a grate.

3. Dip the tissue paper scraps into the decoupaging medium and place them on the eggs - completely, either in a pattern or randomly. Make sure there's enough decoupaging medium to cover everything completely. Set the eggs on the chopstick grate to dry for a few minutes.

4. Smear a little more decoupaging medium on the eggs, and gently place the flowers where desired. Spread on a little more of the decoupaging medium so they're completely covered also. Set the eggs back on your grate to dry further.

5. In 15 minutes or so, carefully turn the eggs over to keep them from sticking to the grate as they dry. Repeat at 15 minute intervals until you see the decoupaging medium turn from white to clear. In about two hours, your eggs should be ready. Then use them for a simply "egg-static" Easter or Earth Day display!

Save your leftover flowers between paper towel sheets in a box, and they'll be ready for other projects later on. And if they're the first spring buds from your garden or window box, they're especially worth preserving! Try this throughout the spring and summer months as different flowers pop up. It'll keep them blooming for you all year round!

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