The Crafty Mom: An Unforgettable Thanksgiving Turkey!

By Mary Lyon

Turn the humble "kiddie table" into the hot place to be this Thanksgiving. This hilarious and excruciatingly clever centerpiece will be the talk of the dining room! It's quick and easy to make, and it'll put a smile on everyone's face. You may even have a few guests wanting to take this one home along with the leftovers.

What You Need

  • Several empty, clean, brown paper grocery bags, including one lunch-bag size

  • 1 large red balloon (not inflated)

  • Construction paper (yellow and black)

  • 2 colorful water bottle lids

  • 2 brown pipe cleaners

  • 1 clean feather duster

  • 1 pencil

  • Scissors

  • 1 medium-heat glue gun

  • 1 sturdy paper plate (optional)

What You Do

1. Prepare the turkey body. Rip or wad up all the large grocery bags except two. Stuff them into one of the remaining large bags - if the outer one has writing or store logos on it, turn it inside out. Save the other one. Tie off the top with one of the pipe cleaners and set it aside.

2. For the turkey head, stuff the lunch bag with the remaining unused larger bag - ripped up to fit inside the smaller bag. Tie it off with the other pipe cleaner. Snip the loose ends so they fan out. Make some pencil marks in the "face" where you want the beak and eyes to be.

3. Cut out two pairs of "eyelashes" from the black construction paper, and a triangular beak from the yellow construction paper.

4. Now, for the wattle! Position the un-inflated red balloon, its open end folded under, just beneath the pencil mark where the beak will be. Glue it in place there with the glue gun, so the large, round part hangs way down. When the glue sets, position the beak just above the balloon and glue it in place.

5. Glue the two bottle lids on as eyes. When the glue sets, add the "eyelashes" above and below the lids, and glue them in place.

6. Loosen the pipe cleaner tying off the head. Position the head on the body, over the top that you tied off earlier. Then tighten the pipe cleaner at the throat. Let the snipped ends fan out over the top of the body like a "ruff." Glue it in place if necessary.

7. Behind the head, at the back of the larger bag, poke a hole with the scissors where you'd like the turkey's tail to stick out. Insert the feather duster, handle first. Glue it in place, if necessary. If your turkey needs stabilizing, you can always make him sit up straight and glue his bottom to a sturdy paper plate.

Voila! You're liable to have a turkey centerpiece more delicious than even the baked turkey everyone's hungry for.