The Crafty Mom: An Outdoor Café for the Birds!
By Mary Lyon

Spring is here and you can bet the birds are hungry after a long winter. So why not treat them to some handcrafted dining, alfresco?

The younger ones can put this craft together in minutes with just a little help from an elder, and it’s fun for everybody! Plus, it’s a clever way to recycle an ear of corn!


What You Need
  • an ear of corn, husks and stringy silk removed – but leave the stalk on
  • small jar of peanut butter
  • butter knife
  • bag of birdseed
  • large, flat plastic lid, at least 4 inches in diameter (from large margarine or yogurt container)
  • nail
  • medium-heat glue gun
  • scissors
  • 1 yard of string
What You Do

 1. Make sure the ear of corn is all cleaned off. If it’s a leftover corn-cob, you’re already there. Push the nail through the middle of the plastic lid. Set the lid, nail sticking up, on your work surface. Push the ear of corn down all the way onto the nail, upside-down, so the stalk is now on top. Glue in place with the glue gun. The corn should be able to stand up straight, all by itself. Let the glue set.


2. With the butter knife, spread the peanut butter on the standing ear of corn. Then sprinkle birdseed on the peanut butter. Leave a little blank space at the top, where the stalk is. Don’t worry if some of it drops onto the lid.


3. Tie the string securely around the stalk at the top of the corn. Glue in place and let the glue set.


4. Find a tree with sturdy branches, and hang up your Outdoor Bird Café on one of them. Bon appetite, little birds!


Mary Lyon is the author of The Frazzled Working Woman’s Practical Guide to Motherhood and former host of DIY Crafts TV show. See a complete list of Crafty Mom projects.