The Crafty Mom: A Fun New Face for the New Year!

Crafty Mom logoEver imagine throwaway portraiture? It’s easy and completely hilarious to turn an odd plastic lid into a favorite face! This is one of the silliest and most fun projects that all ages can enjoy on a wintry January day. Just stay inside, keep warm and get creative! You’ll have a great time, and your subject will get a huge chuckle out of it, just as Dad did when Wendy created this elaborate portrait of him (pictured below) smoking his cigar!

You can build as many of these as you like, and you probably already have everything you need for this project, at this very minute! It can take as little or as much time as you want, depending on how wild and crazy you want to get. It’ll give you a whole new way to look at someone’s face!

A Fun New Face for the New Year! What You Need
• several large plastic lids from margarine or cream cheese tubs
• soda can pull tabs
• bottle caps or Snapple™ lids
• colored pipe cleaners (optional)
• stray buttons or beads, corks, twist-ties, twigs, acorns, nuts and other odds and ends
• scissors
• medium-heat glue gun

What You Do

1. First, assemble your components.
Two matching bottle caps will make ideal eyes, but they don’t have to be identical. Think of your subject while you pick out your pieces. Does he have a beard or moustache? How does she wear her hair? Are there eyeglasses? Jewelry? Heavy eyebrows? Maybe a hat? Think what you’d use to reproduce these elements. Have fun with this! Remember, there are no bad ideas, only ones that’ll make you laugh!

2. Try out a few of the facial features.
Place them in position and see how they look. Then glue in place with the glue gun. Pull tabs from cans make great eyebrows, eyelashes, spikey hair and, overlapped, the cigar of course! We used bottle caps for eyes and a gold bead for the nose. Dad’s beard was created with cut-up pieces of an old dry leaf. His mouth was a chip of a throwaway CD.

3. If you like, make a hanger with a looped pipe cleaner, glued to the back of the lid, so the loop sticks up from behind the top of the lid. We made our Dad face into a bug by gluing six pipe cleaners to the back – for legs!