The 90-Minute Birthday Party Plan

Here’s a quick outline for a 90-minute party:

• Provide a welcoming activity related to your theme. A simple arts and craft project is a good choice. (15 minutes)

• When everyone has arrived, introduce an active game. (15 minutes)

• Play a quiet game. (15 minutes)

• Serve cake and other food. (15 minutes)

• Open presents. (10 minutes)

• Play a cooperative game or hunt. (15 minutes)

• Distribute goody bags or favors and thank guests for coming (5 minutes)

Then collapse. Later on, help your child write thank-you notes.

No piece o' cake...

Take 15 of your child’s best friends, add cake, candles and balloons, sprinkle with goody bags and you’ve got a birthday party. Right?

Wrong! Hosting a birthday party isn’t always a piece of cake. It takes planning, guts and, for the most memorable parties, a dash of creativity. The cake and decorations are the easy part. It’s the activities and games that provide the most parental anxiety as the big day approaches. So, how do you keep everyone entertained and engaged, while also keeping your sanity intact?

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