Thanksgiving Crafts & Activities

Family time spent together is one of the nicest things we have to be thankful for during this season of plenty. Take some time to enjoy one or more of these activities with your family.

.php?Article_ID=9930">Quick & Easy Turkey Centerpiece
Turn the kids' table into the hot place to be this Thanksgiving with this fun and funny simple craft.

.php?Article_ID=5399">A Cornucopia of Ideas to Make Thanksgiving Special
With these easy-to-do activities -- place cards, table toppers, gobble games & more – even your littlest ones will feel part of the festivities..php?Article_ID=10886">

Set the Perfect Thanksgiving Table
Here’s a fun and colorful way to celebrate the delicious food on your Thanksgiving dinner menu. Decorate your mats with seeds, nuts and dried fruits, and you’ll have original place settings just perfect for a Pilgrims’ banquet!

.php?Article_ID=5494">10 Ways to Put the “Thanks” Back into Thanksgiving
Thanksgiving is all about … well, you know what it’s all about. The question is: How do you make it more of that kind of celebration for your family. Here are a few suggestions to help put the thankfulness back into your family’s celebration...

.php?Article_ID=9922">ESSAY: The Power of Pie
Thanksgiving dinner is a tough one for families with young children. It's like this terrible obstacle course. Never is a small child expected to sit at the table for so long, eat so many new foods, all the while posing for pictures meant to go down for the ages...

.php?Article_ID=3069">Say Thanks to Your Children
Thanksgiving is an especially good time for us to take the time to reinforce our kids' sense of belonging and importance to the family. While we all have our own special ways of giving praise and attention, we've got some suggestions that have worked for generations of families. Check'em out -- and tell us what works in your family.

.php?Article_ID=3097">Gratitude -- Without the Attitude
Pass the Gratitude Bowl -- a simple activity that will help even your shyest guests will open up and give thanks.

Please Pass the Manners
Read how one mom gets her kids' manners up to speed in time for a house full of Thanksgiving guests.

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