Technology in the Classroom: What to Look For in Your Child’s School
The Internet is here to stay. With the proper supervision and oversight – at home and at school – the Internet can provide strategies for learning that will last a lifetime.

How can you be sure that your kids are learning to using the Internet responsibly while at school? Make sure you have answers to the following 8 questions:

• What is the school’s acceptable use policy (AUP)? What are the consequences for improper use of technologies?

• How does the school try to protect students from unacceptable material online?

• What training do students get on Internet use in the following areas: how to find information effectively; what plagiarism is; source credibility; and basic Internet safety training?

• What procedures are in place to make sure the students are not doing too much drifting during working time?

• Where are the Internet-connected computers located? Who gets access to them?

• What kind of training do the teachers have? What kind of support is in place?

• Does the school have a Web site? What information is available there?

• Does my child need a computer at home so that he or she can keep up with the projects and assignments at school? What if I don’t have a computer?