Take a Trip to the Seashore: Projects & Activities
It’s August and the heat is on. What better time to take a trip to the beach? Even if you don’t live near an ocean, you can find a lake, river, pool or water park where you can cool off. Plan your “beach day” to be both a time for family fun and a learning experience.

There are many seaworthy projects and activities that your whole family can participate in. And

Beachy Projects

  • Beach in a Bottle

  • Fishy Feet

  • Sponge Painting

  • Fish Bowl
  • even if you can’t get to the beach, many of these projects will bring the spirit of the beach to you!

    Oceans, rivers and lakes are magnificent environments that are home to diverse creatures. They range from electric eels to freshwater fish and jellyfish to sand dollars. The variety of sea life is astounding. Coral reefs, starfish, kelp, clams and sea turtles are just some of the organisms that make the ocean their home.

    Visit your local library to find picture books with color photographs of these wondrous animals. Talk to your child about the many different types of marine life. Ask questions:

    • What colors are these creatures?

    • What do they look like?

    • How are they different from one another?

    This type of dialog helps enhance expressive language and creative thinking.

    Beach in a Bottle

    • Your child will learn: Fine motor skills, creative thinking, facts about marine life, colors and shapes.

    Mommy’s Materials:

    • Clear glass or plastic jar (a mason jar or large mayonnaise jar works well)

    • Sand

    • Water

    • Blue food coloring

    • Shells (you can get these at a craft store)

    • Starfish, seahorse, etc. (optional)

    How To:

    1. Put approximately one inch of sand in the bottom of a clear jar.

    2. Add several small seashells.

    3. Embellish with colorful rocks, pieces of coral or driftwood, a starfish or seahorse.

    4. Add water and color the water blue with food coloring.

    5. Finish off with a starfish or seahorse and glue the cap on.

    Fishy Feet
    mso-layout-grid-align: none; punctuation-wrap: simple">1. Using a paintbrush, paint the bottom of your child’s feet with tempera paint (orange, green, purple and yellow are good choices).

    2. Have him step on a piece of blue construction paper, making two footprints.

    3. Wash off your child’s feet, change colors and do it again.

    4. When the print dries, use a marker to make a nose, eyes and fins on the footprints. Don’t forget to clean your child’s feet!

    Sponge Painting

    1. Using safety scissors, cut sponges into different shapes – stars, circles, squares and even a fish shape.

    le="mso-bidi-font-weight: normal">2. Pour tempera paint into aluminum pans and dip the sponge shapes into them.

    3. Once they’re coated with paint, imprint on blue paper to make different marine-inspired designs.

    Fish Bowl

    Make an underwater scene using drawings of fish and other marine life:

    1. Cut a sheet of white paper into the shape of a fish bowl.

    2. Glue sand on the bottom and then cut and glue various images of sea life to the scene.

    3. Then glue small seashells to the sand.

    4. Finish by covering the fish bowl with a piece of blue cellophane.

    More Resources

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