Summertime Safety
Unfortunately, it’s no secret that summertime brings more skinned knees, bee stings and even serious injuries due to the fact that families are more active in this season. National numbers reveal that nearly 40 percent of all ER visits by children under the age of 14 happen during the months of May through August. To keep safety a number one priority this summer, consider these five “do’s” and “don’ts” before heading to your destination:

DO pack a first-aid kit in your car and carry a cell phone (if possible) with emergency contact numbers handy and insurance information.

DON'T underestimate a minor scrape for a major gash. If a wound is still bleeding after five minutes of applying steady pressure, or if it appears deep or "gaping" open – proceed to the nearest ER.

DO keep plenty of water and liquids handy and wear loose-fitted, light-colored clothes in hot, humid weather.

DON’T think the cliché "safety in numbers" is correct at all times. Too often when large groups gather, a parent oftentimes thinks the other parent or adult is watching the children. Talk with your spouse or other chaperone about whom is indeed watching whom.

DO stay calm in times of accident or injury. Experts say it is vital to making a good decision while embroiled in a stressful situation.   

From San Diego Parent, a United Parenting Publication, June 2003.