Summer Travel Tips For Families

by Mathias Friess

It’s summertime and many  families are headed to the beach, barbecues or to visit family. Below are some tips from Mathias Friess of WebJet, one of the top ten travel agencies in the US, on how to make the most of your summer travel.

Booking hotels – Make sure to comparison shop for the best deals on hotels. Shopping onlinesummer family travel at a travel site  can help you find some great deals. If you find a rate you are happy with, go ahead and book the room. Typically, you are able to cancel rooms 48 to 72 hours in advance if you happen to find a better rate.

Saving on Gas – Make sure to fill up your car in the cool of the morning. Many people don’t know that when you fill your tank in the heat of the day, you end up with less gas then you are paying for because gasoline expands in the heat.

Car Travel -- Many families drive to their vacation destinations which usually involves bored kids in the back. If you have small children, make sure to bring plenty of games and entertainment to avoid backseat meltdowns. Books, DVDs, cards and coloring are great ways to pass the time.

Car Sickness -- If you have a child that gets carsick easily, books and videos are out of the question. Make sure to sit children who get motion sickness easily in the middle seat so they can focus on the road in front of them instead of the trees whizzing by on the side of the road. Don’t forget their entertainment, though. Playing games centering on objects outside the car like finding the most out of state license plates or playing I Spy helps to eliminate the possibility of car sickness.

Smells Like Teen Spirit -- If teenagers are taking the trip with you, make sure to give them some ownership. Giving older kids the map or GPS system and allowing for them to choose where the family should stop on the way to the destination will create excitement and let them have some control in their vacation. You can let your teen choose where they would like to eat, a sight they would like to see or even a town they would like to stop. Not only will your teen be happy, but you might learn something about your kid’s interests you never knew before.

Everyone has heard the adage, “Life is not a destination, but a journey.” Car travel can seem daunting, boring and stressful (for parents) but with a bit of creativity, you can have just as much fun while traveling as you do at your destination.

About The Author:

Mathias Friess is the CEO of, a top-ten travel agency in the US.