Summer Seashell Pendants

Here’s a great mid-summer craft to showcase a special treasure found during a visit to the beach. It’s easy and comes together in minutes.

What You Need

  • special shell, or several
  • colorful pipe cleaners – one per shell
  • medium-heat glue gun
  • scissors or wire-cutting nippers
  • tweezers or small pliers
  • colorful ribbon, cord or twine

What You Do

Figure out which way is up for your shell – the way you want it to hang.

For the Spiral Shell …

1. Bend a pipe cleaner at about a half-inch. Slip it into the opening of the shell, tucked in at the top. Glue in place with a drop of medium-heat glue. Let dry.

2. Wrap the pipe cleaner, from where it’s glued, up and around the coiled top of the shell, following along the curves of the spiral. Make sure it’s secure. At the top, twist the pipe cleaner into a loop. Glue it in place at the base of the loop, where it meets the top of the shell. Let dry.

3. Trim off the extra pipe cleaner where it has been glued. Pinch the severed end inward with tweezers or pliers. Add another drop of glue to cover the cut end.

For the Flat Shell …

1. Bend a pipe cleaner in half. Twist the bend into a loop. Bend both ends immediately under the loop so that they’ll catch the curved edge of the top of the shell. Glue in place just under the curved edge with a drop of medium-heat glue. Let dry.

2. Crisscross the two free ends across the back of the shell so they stick out from behind, at the bottom of the shell. Bend the ends around to the front of the bottom of the shell. Loop each end into a small loop to “catch” the shell, like a holder, at the bottom. Make sure the fit is secure.

3. Clip off the extra pipe cleaner at the base of each loop. With a drop of glue, glue each loop into place inside the bottom of the front of the shell. Pinch the loops inward so they won’t stick out. The drop of glue should hide the clipped-off ends of the pipe cleaner. Let dry.

Thread a colorful cord or ribbon through the loop of the pendant. The shell can be hung in a window or worn around the neck.

The Crafty Mom, Mary Lyon, is the former host of DIY Crafts TV show. For previous Crafty Mom projects, check out The Crafty Mom Archives.