Stress-Free Slumber Parties

Here are some tips for parents from Slumber Parties: 25 Fun-filled Party Themes by Penny Warner:

* Plan lots of games and activities. Activities can tie into a theme, such as "fabulous fashions" with guests staging a fashion show or a ’60s party during which guests tie-dye pillowcases, make flower crowns and compete in a ’60s dance contest.

* Provide plenty of fun and healthy food for late-night and early-morning snacking. This will keep children fueled and busy. Plan snacks children can make themselves, but remember that frequently dropping by with trays of fresh food is a subtle way to check that things are under control.

* Post a list of house rules where children can see them. Let children know that anyone who doesn’t follow the rules will be sent home. Warner recommends that disruptive children be sent home to salvage the party for the others.

Keep a selection of age appropriate videos on hand to tame a wild party. Check our our archive of Video Round-ups for some thematic ideas.

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