Standing Up for Public Education

September 22
A group of education advocates is recruiting parents for a massive movement in support of public education this month. The National Mobilization for Great Public Schools is asking teachers, parents and concerned citizens to gather in homes across the nation on Sept. 22 to discuss the challenges faced in public schools today. More importantly, the group wants to build the mobilization needed to make education a top priority for the country.

The coalition includes leading educational organizations, such as the National Educational Association, and Campaign for America’s Future (ACORN). Organizers already have some specific plans laid out, including petitions to Congress and the President, contacting officials at every level of government, and a DVD (to be distributed to every house party) offering additional ideas.

But in the spirit of a true grassroots movement, they are looking to these house-party gatherings for groundbreaking ways to ensure that educating our children becomes the nation’s fundamental commitment.

To learn more about this mobilization for public education, or to sign up to host a house party on Sept. 22, go to And join the activists from each of the 50 states who have already signed up!

– Judy Molland