Spending Too Much Time in Cyberspace?

‘Earth to Mom – Your Kids Are Calling!’

Here’s How to Know …

You’re the yelling mom. “If you are yelling at your kids because they are distracting you from your Internet [or cell phone] time, that’s a sign that something is not right,” says family therapist Audrey Nathan, whose specialties include women’s and parenting issues..

Your Facebook friends know more about your real life than your own family does. Time to readjust, says Nathan. “No Internet connection can take the place of real human interaction.”

… and What to Do About It

Flip your perspective. Think about how your kids experience you when you’re on the phone or computer. “How do you think your child feels when he calls ‘Mommy’ 15 times and it goes unanswered?” says life coach Molly Froelich.

Ask for feedback. Ask a spouse or friend if they think you spend too much time on the phone or online. “Be prepared to take their feedback with a grain of salt,” says Froelich, “but also be prepared to hear the truth that those close to you may think you may spend too much time online.”

Keep a log of your online time. Note your begin and end time and set a daily limit, says Froelich.

Are Your Wires Crossed?

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– Kate Scott Lawrence