Software Round-Ups

Around the World from Your Desktop
Are your kids ready to travel from their desks? Whatever shape your children’s journeys take, here are some software titles to guide and support them as they go.

Special-Interest Software

Is there a young animal-lover in your family? A space enthusiast? A car-and-trucj fanatic? Here's a spectrum of colorful ideas worth checking out.

Summer Learning on the Computer
Looking for some hot fun in the summertime? Want some answers to that age-old nothing-to-do complaint that seems to waft about on the summer breeze? Just turn up the cool with these wildly original titles designed to engage the imagination of kids and parents alike.

Familiar Preschool Pals Educate and Entertain on the Computer
Want to spoil your children and teach them at the same time? Take a moment to peruse these engaging educational titles featuring characters you know and love; then add these adventures to your library and keep them handy.

Turn Your Computer Into a Teacher
These software developers understand that you are your child’s first teacher. They also understand that, just like any other professional, in order to do your job well you need the right tools. Here are some programs that offer just the right support for teaching of a wide range of basic skills.

Be A DJ or a Dancer
Put some pizzazz into your life by making a date with some heart-thumping programs sure to tickle your fancy all year long.

Monstrous Software
Bring the family together for some grins with loads of software based on the ever-popular film and video, Pixar-Disney’s Monsters, Inc.