Smartphone Apps For A Stress-Free Halloween

by Bryan Trussel

Halloween tends to creep up on us, and we can be so busy with Fall activities (back to school, for one!) that we forget to take full advantage of the family-friendly activities that come around this time of year. But, it’s not too late to plan a frightfully fun Halloween withtrick-or-treat family and friends—without the stress.  

Technology can be a great tool for this! It’s not always confusing and cumbersome, but can truly make planning for the season much easier. We’ll help you get started with some ideas and let technology do the rest!
  • Corn mazes are an always-popular Fall treat, and it’s a fun excuse to get everyone outside on a crisp day. Plus, you don’t need to look far: a handy site called The Maize is a collective of local corn mazes around the country, so it’s easy to find one in your backyard.  
  • Want to make trick-or-treating a little less hectic? Download free smartphone app Glympse to keep your family better coordinated for that busy night out. See where the kids are on a map as they go house to house.
  • Why not have everyone over to your house for a costume party?  Disney's Family Fun site has some great party planning ideas and tips: Take some of the pressure off and put the kids in charge of making decorations. Or put them to work on some creepy recipes in the kitchen. Ask your guests to bring a ghoulishly-good dish and turn it into a potluck.
  • Keep the whole family on their toes with a trip to a nearby haunted house; in fact, many haunted houses are geared toward families so even your young goblins can join in on the fun.  You can locate one in your town by visiting Watch out, who knows what will be lurking around the next corner!
  • A flashlight is a necessity when you head out for a night of trick-or-treating. But they can be heavy, bulky, and easy to misplace.  Instead, use something you’ll already have with you—your phone. Download this Flashlight app and you’ll never be in the dark again.
  • And certainly can’t forget pumpkin carving. This is the perfect activity to enjoy together as a family when the weather’s turned a little dark. Find the perfect design for each family member’s jack-o-lantern with free pumpkin carving stencils that you can print out at Pumpkin Masters. Don’t forget to collect the seeds and roast them for a treat while you are admiring everyone’s creative work.
Halloween does not have to be scary— let technology lead the way and enjoy this Halloween free of stress and full of fun!

By Bryan Trussel, Contributor

Bryan Trussel is the Co-founder and CEO of Glympse, Inc.  Glympse is a smartphone app that allows users to share their location via a real-time map for a pre-set period of time, with anyone they choose. Bryan currently resides in Redmond, Wash. with his wife, four daughters and six-year-old son. Bryan has a keen interest in technology that can help families better coordinate and keep safety in mind.