Shoplifting: Resources for More Information

Minnesota Youth Intervention Programs ,  651-452-3589 – This nationally recognized program offers the “Stolen Moment” product line.

Shoplifters , 800-848-9595 – This division of  Shoplifters Anonymous Inc. is the world’s leading non-profit provider of shoplifter research and rehabilitation programs. It offers educational rehabilitation programs and many other resources, including articles on why shoplifters steal. – Shoplifting expert and author Charles Sennewald’s Web site offers books for purchase and information about his expert speaking engagements.

Theft, 800-888-4338 – Offers resources, an online course and consultation.

Books for Parents

Parenting to Build Character in Your Teen: Teach Your Teens the Six Pillars of Character, by Michael S. Josephson, Tom Dowd, Val J. Peter, Boys Town Press, 2000. Addresses shoplifting issues.

Shoplifters vs. Retailers: The Rights of Both, by Charles A. Sennewald, New Century Press, 2000. This guide to loss prevention for business owners and managers also explains the rights of shoplifters.

Books for Kids

Baseball Turnaround, by Matthew F. Christopher, Little Brown and Co., 1997. For readers ages 9 to 12. A teenage boy gets in trouble with the law and has to give up baseball. With time and adult support, he returns to baseball and overcomes personal challenges.

Cages, by Peg Kehret, Puffin, 2001. For readers ages 11 to 14. A 14-year-old girl shoplifts, then faces the consequences.

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