Shoplifting: Get the Facts
 The majority of shoplifters steal as a response to social and personal pressures in their life, not out of financial need or greed. Only about 3 percent of shoplifters are “professionals” who steal solely for resale or profit as a business.

Shoplifters say they are caught on average of about once every 48 times they steal. They are turned over to police about 50 percent of the time.

Shoplifting affects more than the offender. It overburdens the police and court systems, adds to a store’s security expenses, costs consumers more for goods, costs communities lost dollars in sales taxes, and hurts children and families.

Chronic shoplifters steal an average of 1.6 times per week.

There is no profile of a typical shoplifter. Males and females shoplift about equally as often.

Your kids know kids who shoplift – 86 percent of kids say they know others who do and 65 percent say they hang out with those kids.

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Excerpted with permission from “Is Your Child Stealing? A Guide for Parents,” by the
Minnesota Youth Intervention Programs Association, a nationally recognized model for youth intervention.