Sew Crazy! Tips For Getting Your Child Excited About Sewing

The growing craze for DIY customized designs on clothing, websites like Pinterest andsewing reality fashion shows on TV has boosted the demand for home sewing machines in the US. Specifically, teenagers and children of all ages are helping propel this growth and showing renewed interest in learning to sew and mastering a new art form. Below Singer Sewing Company shares a few tips to help you and your child start sewing:
Go Online and Find Your Local Resources:

Conduct a web search using key words “sewing clubs for kids, sewing cafes and sewing lounges” to find local, and sometimes even free, sewing resources and classes offered in your area. What you might find:

Jo-Ann Fabric and Craft Stores - Jo-Ann's offers classes for all types of sewing, including classes for children and beginners!   

Independent Retailers  - Some Independent Retailers offer classes and sewing clubs broken out by age and level. SINGER’s website allows you to locate an Authorized Sewing Specialty Retailer where classes may be available. Husqvarna Viking and PFAFF websites list all dealer locations on their websites.

- The American Sewing Guild has chapters located throughout the country and offers classes and events to members.   Find a chapter in your area, join and take a friend or two to a class!

- The 4-H has local clubs all over the country that offers a variety of arts and crafts classes and instruction.

Take a Trial Run: Break out Grandma’s old machine for a trial lesson!  Use this as an opportunity to share family memories and really decide if sewing is something your child wants to do.

Sew Cool Scrapbook:  Suggest your child make a scrapbook of sewing ideas and projects from magazines and websites that he/she would like to try and make.
Upcycle Inspiration:  Ask your kids to save their favorite dress or shirt that they’ve outgrown or clothing that has shrunk in the wash.  Encourage them to think about ways to use the fabric to make something different, like a new skirt or a fashionable necklace.
Get Social!  Kids are more likely to remain consistent in their interests if their friends are doing it, too. Host a sewing slumber party. Borrow a few easy-to-use sewing machines and ask a parent or teacher to show the group some sewing basics. You can also get started by having guests watch a how-to DVD like Ready, Set, Sew! together. You can also team up with other parents to start a sewing club and have practice sessions together after school.

Name that Celebrity: From Drew Barrymore to Katherine Heigl to Katie Holmes, celebrities everywhere are sewing.  Ask your child why they might think sewing sounds fun. What sorts of projects do they envision creating? How can they use every day materials and fabrics to mimic today’s popular fashion designs?  Encourage a discussion about the unique opportunities sewing gives kids to express themselves.
Turn on the TV!  Reality shows like Mad Fashion and the Fashion Star are shedding light on how fun the craft can be.  Watch the shows together to generate your own ideas that you can work on together.

Books & Blogs:  We all want our kids to read—visit your local bookstore or for a great selection of books on sewing or peruse the web for fun blogs about sewing.
Search YouTube: SINGER® offers tutorials online to help you understand the basics.  Visit the SINGER® YouTube Channel to watch a series of short videos that cover basic sewing skills and machine features.

Buy (or repurpose!) a machine! - Buying a new sewing machine can mean spending as much or as little as you like - there are options in every price range! If you’re looking to start sewing with the kids, search out garage sales, Craigslist, and other places to buy a used machine. Ask around to see if anyone you know (like family or friends) has an old sewing machine they just don’t use.