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We recently polled a number of readers about their most memorable Sesame Street moments – from both their years watching the show with their children and their own childhood viewing.

Here are a few highlights. (The revelation that Snuffy was real seems to be the single most memorable moment for many veteran viewers.) Click on the link at right to share your own favorite memories.

  • My faviorate memory of sesame street was Guy Smiley. I loved him and his wacky game show. I also loved the segmant were they sang the counting song. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 do do do was like a pinball game or something. I loved the music. bert and ernie were always my all time faviorate though. I would be hystercial laughing at there skits. It's such a great show and I love sharing it with my boys.
    -Sesame Street kid, now mother 

  • My name is Terri, and I watched Sesame Street for at least 9 years.  My most memorable moments were the trips taken by all or some of the cast:  Luis and his family in New Mexico, the gang in Hawaii (and Mr. Snuffy flying via helicopter!), Maria's surprise party in Puerto Rico, and so on.  I'm currently planning on opening a cookie business, so hopefully cookie monster will show up somewhere.  Thanks so much!

  • I have watched Sesame Street since I first became a nanny. Seseame Steet  used to be found on PBS several times a day and we never grew tired of it. I think sometimes I have enjoyed  Sesame Street even more than  my kids!  I have even found myself watching while a little one napped!  My favorite memories were of Maria , Luis, and Gabby: their courtship, wedding, and birth of Gabby. I love ALL of the muppets: Big Bird & Snuffy, Ernie & Bert,Grover, Telly, Oscar and his little firends such as Stinky and Slimey (I remember when Slimey went to the moon!)and all the rest. They all have such disticntive personalities, just like the children I care for. Thanks for 35 years and for many more to come!
    - Debbie, nanny

    • What I remember most is when Snuffy was first seen by the adults. For years the adults thought he was Big Bird's imaginary friend, finally he became real. It was such a big event in our lives, especially as at-home moms, that I was at a friend’s house and saw it written on her calendar where she kept track of important things like doctor’s appointments and recitals!

    ; FONT-SIZE: 10pt">- Lisa, mother of three adults.

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    • One of my memories of Sesame Street was when Mr. Hooper died. He was the owner of the little coffee shop. My daughter and I watched the show together and I have never forgotten the way that this sad event was handled on the show. Also we all loved the way the Count counted to the children/audience. Recently, while counting with my grandson, I sang the same way as the Count did ... 1-2-3! A wonderful, educational, fun show that has lasted through generations now!

    ; FONT-SIZE: 10pt">We all love Big Bird the most, but enjoy all of the characters. Thanks for the memories!

    ; FONT-SIZE: 10pt">– Linda, mother and grandmother

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    ; FONT-SIZE: 10pt">• My memories are mostly of musical moments, especially Hoot the Owl singing “Put Down the Ducky If You Want to Play the Saxophone.” But also the Snuffy episode.

    ; FONT-SIZE: 10pt">– Matt

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    • My biggest memories of Ses (as we called it) are Mr. Hooper’s death, Snuffy’s revelation, Elmo’s arrival (replacing Grover as “the cute one”) and the arrival of the Latina puppet (but I don’t know her name).

    – Amanda, mother of two


    • I remember “The Jelly Man” performed by James Taylor. And, of course, when we found out that Snuffy was real.

    – Damian


    In 1969, I was 5 years old. I remember watching Sesame Street for the first time at my friend Jackie’s house. The show was interrupted by footage, live or taped, of Apollo 11 lifting off to the moon. I will never forget that moment. I was fascinated with the idea that the spaceship had men in it who were going to the moon.

    Today, I have two sons, 5 and 8. They are fascinated with the idea that someday they might be able to take a rocket ship to Mars or another planet. They talk about these things as likely possibilities. My how far we have come since 1969! Whenever I think of Sesame Street, I always think of the moon and rocket ships.

    – Melissa, mother of two

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