I want to know if anyone knows the cheapest way to do scrap booking?


Being frugal doesn't mean we can't have nice keepsakes! I love to scrapbook, but have to keep it frugal. The first thing I do is to avoid the big-name scrap booking products. The pre-made scrap booking binders, adhesive tapes and stickers can all be purchased less expensively. I have had long discussions with those who feel that these companies are the only ones who make the best products for preserving your photographs, but I believe you can protect the photographs for less money.

First, I use a nice three-ring binder instead of the specially made scrap booking albums. If there is a special event you are commemorating, such as a wedding or family reunion, then the nicer albums may be the best choice. But for everyday family albums, a nice three-ring binder is sufficient. This means that your pages will be 8 x 10 sized. For the protective sleeves, you can buy acid-free plastic sleeves by the box for a few dollars. For the sheets of acid-free paper, pens, scissors and stickers, I buy from a hobby store when they go on sale. I often buy them in bulk packages since they are cheaper. I avoid the scrap booking stores and home parties because these usually cost more.

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