Safe Shoes

Why do dogs have better ID than children in American society? A mother in the Adirondack Mountains pondered this dilemma. Surely there was a way for children to carry their parents' names and contact information without putting collars on kids.

Stephanie Donaldson, a mother with an MBA, had an idea. She was not satisfied with children wearing conspicuous ID jewelry and found identification on clothing to be ineffective. To fill a need all parents have -- the need to protect their children if they are ever lost, abducted, or just need to call a parent -- Donaldson invented Safe Shoes Child ID.

Safe Shoes is a simple product. It is a vinyl label with lamination attached. Parents fill out the label with their names, home phone number, work numbers, and cell phone numbers. There is even room for grandma's name and number. Parents seal down the attached laminate over the information, making it tamperproof and waterproof. Next, the parent sticks the label into the child's shoe at the bottom. The special adhesive holds the Safe Shoes label in place for as long as the child owns the shoes. Children are taught that Mom and Dad's names and numbers are in the shoe.

"I spent a lot of time finding suppliers who could provide the materials I needed at the lowest prices; I wanted all parents to be able to afford Safe Shoes labels for their kids," Donaldson explained. She has sold over 100,000 labels since May 2001. Safe Shoes are available on-line at