Reviews: On A Flying Guitar, Lullabies from Home

On a Flying Guitar

Steve Roslonek is the kind of entertainer you'd like to get for your child's birthday party. His songs are generally warm, funny, and engaging, full of old-fashioned values. Even the scares in a song like "Bear Hunt" are silly scares.

Winner of the coveted Parents’ Choice Silver Honor (2000) for his first album "Morning ‘Til Night," Roslonek knows how to engage his audience, and his best songs, like the title track "On a Flying Guitar" and "Gravity," are infectious. And if your kids HAVE to be singing something over and over around the house, better songs like these than the latest Barney tune.

Steve has included a couple of more bittersweet songs, "Best Friends" and "Goodbye," both about farewells... but there's so much good cheer on the rest that the bittersweetness only feels like a light seasoning. And he finishes the album with "Steve's First Recording," taken when he was barely old enough to talk. That's inspiring to any young singer: they can hear that a professional started out just like they did.

For all ages, but best results with ages 5 and 11.

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Lullabies from Home

While Steve's songs are boisterous fun, Anita Kruse's "Lullabies from Home" is meant to be heard just before bed. These songs are meant for the very young, but the music and the simple words work at any age. Kruse, whose career goes well beyond children's music, never once departs from the soft, loving, everything's-going-to-be-all-right sound that makes lullabies work. Any mother who’s sat up with a crying newborn understands the need for CDs like Lullabies from Home.

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