Resume of a Stay-At-Home Mom

Ashley J. Allen

Center of My Family’s Universe,
r>1047 Main St.
r>Anytown, USA 23452

Home Phone:
(555) DED-TIRD

Cell Phone:
(555) GO-MOM-GO

"Work" Phone, You Know, Like Your Resume Is Supposed to Have Whenever Possible So the Prospective Employer Thinks That Mommy Has a "Real Job:"

(555) DED-TIRD

"I think [Ashley J. Allen] can do anything."

--Zach Allen, 6

Professional Experience

Mother of Two, Allen Family, Inc., December 1999-present. Currently direct or co-direct all operations of the Allen Family, including finances, sanitation, employee relations, transportation, dress code, edibles management, waste management, time management, disciplinary management, daily crisis management, and the "somehow managing to get it all done" kind of management. Have conducted multiple early-morning consultations and emergency nourishment sessions. Have acted as medic, chef, chauffeur, tailor, maid, clown, language instructor, and human playpen. Entirely responsible for employees’ growth, training, and existence.

Accustomed to a heavy work load. As a matter of fact, sick to death of a heavy work load. Ready to relax into a less demanding position, like CEO.

Mother of One, Allen Family, Inc., August 1996-December 1999. Virtually identical responsibilities to the Mother of Two position, but with greater degrees of optimism required.

Executive Vice-President, MegaHuge Corporation, August 1989-July 1996. Went to meetings a lot.

Education & Training

For the VP position:

M.B.A. from Harvard

B.A. in Fine Arts, Spoonerville University

For the Motherhood position:

Some B.S. from lots of books with titles like Motherhood Wow! and Absolutely Everything In The World That Any Sane Person Could Possibly Expect When You’re Expecting.

Technical Skills


  • Expert chatter and message board poster.


  • See-‘n’-Say 4.0.


  • Currently learning advanced uses for Internet Explorer from expert Zach Allen.



Simon Allen, Husband

(555) 345-8271 (work phone)

(555) 333-8473 (loaf-around-the-house-all-evening phone)

Zach Allen, Son

(555) 333-8310 (preschool)

(555) 333-8473 (home)

Calling home is preferred. Preschool will not accept calls for kids from creepy adult strangers.

Zoë Allen, Daughter

(555) 333-8473

Note: Conversation will be limited, as Zoë has just learned to say "ma-ma."