Resources For Extending Toys' Shelf Life
• Conceptual Blockbusting: A Guide to Better Ideas, by James L. Adams, Perseus Books, 2001.

• Constructive Play: Applying Piaget in the Preschool, by George E. Forman, Addison-Wesley, 1984.

• Explorations with Young Children, edited by Anne Mitchell and David Mitchell, Bank Street College of Education, Gryphon House, 1992. This curriculum guide shows early childhood professionals how to develop their own curricula based upon the needs and interests of children.

• Introduction to Early Childhood Education, by Eva Essa, Delmar Learning, 4th ed., 2002. This textbook may be found at some local libraries.

• Play is FUNdamental, by Janet Brown McCracken, National Association for the Education of Young Children, 1987. Copies of this brochure are available for 50¢ each. Visit the resources section of to purchase.

• The Psychology of the Child: The Definitive Summary of the Work of the World’s Most Renowned Psychologist, by Jean Piaget and Bärbel Inhelder, Basic Books, 2000.

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From United Parenting Publications, August 2002