Recycle Plastic Containers to Make a New Toy
Two empty plastic containers can be used to make scoops for a fun game of catch.

Ages: 3-10

You'll need:

At least two empty milk jugs or liquid laundry detergent containers

Scissors for kids old enough to cut plastic or for the supervising grown-up

To do:

AN>Wash out the containers and then carefully cut away the top of the container leaving the handle and intact. The opening should be big enough to fit a tennis ball.

To make the game harder, cut a smaller opening or for small children just learning to catch cut a larger opening.

Make sure there are no rough edges around where the plastic was caught.

Kids can decorate the scoops with markers if they desire. To play, just toss a ball back and forth and catch it with the scoops.

For kids of all ages: At your next outdoor party, try the game with water balloon.

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