Recipe: Apple Sammies

By Larissa Phillips

Feeding Your FamilyIf rolling out a pie crust seems like too much of a hassle, try these sweet sandwich sliders as a shortcut to all the deliciousness of an apple pie. Perfect for breakfasts or a quick snack.


• Half a loaf of good crusty bread, sliced crosswise on a slight diagonal
• Butter
• Apricot jam or marmalade
• 1 apple, cored and sliced (and peeled, if preferred)
• 1 tsp. brown sugar
• A squirt of lemon juice


1. Melt 1 Tbsp. butter in a saucepan. Add the apple slices, brown sugar and lemon juice or apple cider vinegar. Sauté lightly until soft, but still holding their shape. Taste for sweetness; add another sprinkle of sugar if needed.

2. Meanwhile, lightly (lightly, lightly!) brown the bread slices under the broiler. They should be just brown on the edges, and warm, but still soft in the middle. Spread with butter and jam.

3. Arrange half the bread slices on a platter, and place three or four pieces of apple on each. Top with another slice of bread and press down firmly. Enjoy!


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