Reading Resources
Several organizations provide up-to-date information for parents on helping children learn to read:

National Parent Information Network. Part of the US Government’s ERIC Clearinghouse on Education. 217-333-1386. NPIN is dedicated to providing access to research-based information about the process of parenting, and about family involvement in education. It is an excellent resource that all parents should know about. It’s definitely worth taking some time to explore these pages.

International Reading Association 302-731-1600. Browse through the IRS’s valuable list of brochures with tips for parents of young readers. All are available in printable form directly from the site.

National Association for the Education of Young Children 800-424-2460. The Resources for Parents area of this site provides and excellent of focused articles on topics that help parents make the critical early years the best that they can be for the children in their care

National Center for Family Literacy 502-584-1133. NCFL supports is a national family literacy program which brings parents and children into the learning environment together. This site provides a directory to family literacy programs nationwide.


The Read-Aloud Handbook, by Jim Trelease, Penguin, 2001. This popular book, now in its fifth edition, answers all the “why,” “how” and “what” questions about effective reading aloud.

Solving Your Child’s Reading Problems, by Ricki Linksman, Citadel Press, 1995. This step-by-step guide to overcoming every kind of reading problem helps children discover the joys of reading.

Straight Talk about Reading, by Susan L. Hall and Louisa C. Moats, Ed.D., Contemporary Books, 1999. Provides parents with information about the reading process, as well as ways to help children learn to read.

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