Reading Across the Miles
If you live far away from your grandchildren, here are a few ways to keep the tales spinning between you:

Record your voice on tape reading a beloved and familiar story, as well as a new story.

Write a story together. This is a twist on the campfire game in which each person tells a portion of the story, leaving a dangling sentence for the next person to complete. You can do this over e-mail or via a notebook mailed back and forth with each of your portions written out in longhand.

Give your grandchild a subscription to a children’s magazine. If you’re feeling flush, you can get yourself a subscription, too, so you will know what your grandkids are reading this month and talk about it on the phone. Or ask your grandchild to show you his or her favorites magazines the next time you visit. Some popular periodicals include Spider (for ages 2 to 6), Ladybug (ages 2 to 6), Click (ages 3 to 7), Ask (ages 7 to 10), National Geographic KIDS (ages 7 to 12), Ranger Rick (ages 7 to 10), Scientific American Explorations (for kids through adults), Sports Illustrated for Kids (for ages 8 and up) and New Moon (for girls ages 8 to 14).