Q&A: Vaginal Birth After Two Caesareans

I am currently pregnant with my third child and I have had C-Sections before.

The reason for the C-Sections was that I was not dilating. With my first child I was in labor for twelve hours and only dilated four centimeters, and with my second child I was in labor for sixteen hours and dilated only four hours; even after being given medications. With this child, it being my last, I would really love to have a vaginal birth, but I'm afraid that I will have the same problem that I have had before. Is there anything that I can do to raise my chances of having a vaginal birth; and also, what are the chances that I will have another C-Section?

If you were my patient, your chance of Cesarean Section would be 100%.

Every study that looked at VBAC after two or more C/S showed a greatly increased risk of uterine rupture which can lead to fetal injury from lack of oxygen, and rarely maternal injury from blood loss.

Vaginal delivery may be nice, but having a normal healthy baby is nicer.

If you really want a vaginal delivery, find a doctor who is arrogant, cavalier, and cares a lot about keeping his Cesarean Section rate low. He'll probably let you try for a VBAC.

I would not.