Q&A: Pregnant With Back Problems
I am 31 years old, I have one child and I'm planning to be pregnant. My question is I have a backache and I had MRI examination the result was: early degenerative dehydration of the interverterbral discs between L3-L4 and L4-L5 associated with mild circumferential disc bulging, these causing mild indentations on the ventral aspect of the dural sac, the nerve roots are not involved, normal spinal alignment.

So do you think with pregnancy my back problem will increase and the normal delivery will cause more problems to my back?

Thank you for your inquiry and congratulations on your pregnancy.

Without a complete review of your medical file and physical examination I can not answer your question.

However, it sounds like you have had at some time in the past an axial load or compression injury which could occur from such things as a slip and fall directly on your bottom, you should know that approximately 40% of the general population have similar disc injuries and are asymptomatic and have no neurologic sequalle. Your doctor should be able to assist you in the decision making process relative to this condition.

Kindest regards and best of luck.