Q&A With Mirror Mirror Star Lily Collins

by Amy McCarthy

One of the most beloved stories of all time is coming to life on the big screen with Friday's release of Mirror Mirror, starring Julia Roberts and newcomer Lily Collins (The Blind Side). WeLily Collins sat down with Lily Collins, who is also the daughter of pop star Phil Collins, to talk about the exciting film and what she learned from veteran actor Julia Roberts and why she thinks it's important to tell this story. 

What was it like to work on the set of Mirror Mirror, compared with your past films?

Lily Collins: Working on this movie was different from my past films because it was on such a larger scale than I was used to with a huge crew, vast sound stages, elaborate costumes, intense stunt/fight training, and special effects. It was such a magical experience every single day on set. How was working with Julia Roberts? Did she give you any advice that you keep close?

Lily Collins: Working with Julia was an absolute honor and privilege. She is such an inspiring woman as well as an incredible actress to watch and learn from. She is so aware of everything going on around her and takes it all into consideration when performing. It's fascinating to watch as is how she maintains her sense of self within the craziness of this business. She is first and foremost a mother and that is something I so respect about her. What was your favorite scene to work on in this film?

Lily Collins: My favorite scene was probably the song and dance number at the very end because it was such a memorable, once in a lifetime experience. I stepped outside my comfort zone and embraced the moment. It was so much fun and I'll never forget it. What do you hope viewers get from seeing Mirror Mirror?

Lily Collins: I hope that people leave this film with a smile and have been able to disappear from reality into the amazing visionary world Tarsem (Tarsem Singh, the film's director) created for a little while while indulging in their imagination. I hope young girls are able to see this classic fairytale princess as a more relatable modern girl who proves a princess is just as capable of saving the prince as he is of saving her. It's a story of believing in and accepting oneself, embracing spontaneity, and loving life. It's a true tale of adventure, magic, and love.