Public Pool Safety Tips
If you are not comfortable with any of the following conditions, talk to pool management or plan your outing for another day or location.

Is there a lifeguard on duty? Are there enough lifeguards to observe every area of the pool?

Do you see rescue equipment easily accessible and in good working order? A shepherds hook and life preserver with line are required to assist in getting a distressed swimmer to the side of the pool.

Is there a phone in clear view? It will be needed in case of emergency.

Are water safety rules posted in a conspicuous place and are the rules enforced?

Are there any tripping hazards in the pool area?

Is the general cleanliness of the bathrooms and locker rooms up to your standards?

Is the pool water clear or cloudy? Can you see the drain at the bottom of the pool? If not, it could be an indicator the water quality is questionable.

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From L.A. Parent, a United PArenting Publication, June 2003.