Protect Your Pre-Teen and Teens Against a Potentially Deadly Bacterial Infection

Meningitis "peak" season occurs during the late-winter and early-spring.

As this time of year approaches, parents of pre-teens and teens need to know their children are at increased risk for this potentially deadly bacterial infection, which can cause death or permanent disability within hours of first symptoms. On the positive side, meningococcal disease (meningitis) can be easily prevented with a simple vaccination.

The National Meningitis Association is urging parents this winter to get their teenage children vaccinated to help protect them from this devastating disease. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommends meningococcal immunization for all adolescents 11 through 18 years of age as well as college freshmen living in dormitories.

Did you know?

  1. Meningococcal disease strikes nearly 3,000 Americans each year

  2. Up to 12% of those infected will die; among those who survive, approximately 20% live with long-term disabilities, such as brain damage, kidney disease, deafness or amputation of arms, fingers, legs or toes

  3. Adolescents and young adults are at increased risk and account for nearly 30% of all U.S. cases 4. The majority of cases among adolescents are potentially vaccine-preventable