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The Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation Early Education Exchange – This conference and report series provides a venue for policymakers, practitioners, early-childhood advocates and others to discuss how research, practice and policy can best prepare young children and families for later school success. You can find the report, Set for Success: Building a Strong Foundation for School Readiness Based on the Social-Emotional Development of Young Children, at

“The Promise of Preschool” – This site offers a six-minute segment of this documentary and an opinion piece by John Merrow.

National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC) – 800-424-2460 – The nation’s largest and most influential organization of early-childhood educators is dedicated to improving the quality of programs for children from birth through third grade. The Web site offers articles, information and links useful to parents as well as to educators.

 National Center for Early Development and Learning (NCEDL) – The center focuses on enhancing the cognitive, social and emotional development of children from birth through age 8. It is currently conducting a multistate study of state-funded pre-kindergarten programs (Georgia, Kentucky, New York, Ohio, Illinois and California). The Web site offers a range of publications, including brochures designed for parents.

 National Head Start Association (NHSA) –707-739-0875 – This private not-for-profit membership organization represents the children and staff of Head Start. The Web site offers information for parents (including a special section for fathers) and an online magazine.


Start Them Off Right! A Parent’s Guide to Getting the Most out of Preschool, by Katarina Holtje, Alpha Books, 2002. Provides practical tips, advice and strategies for parents on almost every aspect of preschool.

What Kids Need: Today’s Best Ideas for Nurturing, Teaching and Protecting Young Children, by Rima Shore,  Beacon Press, 2002. Presents a synthesis of a decade of research into how children learn and grow, and makes the case that early-education should be higher on the American national agenda.

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