Prepare a Traditional New England Clam Bake

You don’t have to dig a hole in the sands of Cape Cod to enjoy the flavors of a traditional clambake. Here’s one you can cook on your grill:

Serves 4 to 6 adults


1 pound seaweed (optional)

ss=MsoNormal>6 small sweet potatoes or white potatoes, scrubbed, not peeled

ss=MsoNormal>2 sweet onions, quartered

ss=MsoNormal>6 ears of corn with the silk taken out and outer layers of husks reserved

ss=MsoNormal>4 live lobsters (about 1.5 lbs. each)

ss=MsoNormal>3 pounds live clams or mussels (pick your favorite kind)

ss=MsoNormal>4 sprigs of fresh thyme

ss=MsoNormal>3 cups beer or dry white wine

ss=WPDefaults>Salt and pepper to taste (omit salt if using seaweed)


• Preheat outdoor grill.

ss=MsoNormal>• Place metal steamer rack at the bottom of a 16-quart pot.

ss=MsoNormal>• Place half of seaweed under the steamer rack.

ss=MsoNormal>• Add potatoes – except one – and onions.

ss=MsoNormal>• Stand corns pointing up along the edge of the pot. Sprinkle with pepper, salt and thyme.

ss=MsoNormal>• Add lobsters.

• Place clams, tied loosely in cheesecloth, over the lobsters and place the remaining potato on top as a “tester.”

• Pour beer or wine over food and layer the remaining seaweed or corn husks on top.

• Cover with tight-fitting lid.

• Cook over a hot fire until a strong gush of steam escapes (about 35 minutes on the grill, 12 minutes on the stove top).

• Then cook about 15 more minutes or until the potato on the top is tender and the lobsters are bright red.

• Discard seaweed and corn husks and arrange food on large serving platter.

• Serve with lemon wedges, melted butter and plenty of napkins.