Playing with Your Baby Prompts Healthy Development


  • Talk to your baby often. Your voice is soothing, and your baby is learning from the sounds. Imitate sounds your baby makes and, as she gets older, she will imitate you right back.
  • Hold a rattle about 12 inches from your baby's face and move it slowly from side tside. Your baby's eyes will follow the path of the rattle for a short time. Over time, your child will be able ttrack for longer and longer periods.
  • Play classical music. This may help soothe your baby, and some believe it may help your baby develop a greater capacity for music and math.
  • Read tyour baby every day and play peek-a-boo.
  • Sing to your baby and talk during feeding and while changing diapers.
  • Hide an object behind your back and let your baby find it.
  • Put some plastic cups in the tub while you are giving her a bath she can fill and pour.
  • Place an unbreakable mirror in a spot where your baby can see herself.