Pine Cone Candle Holder

By Mary Lyon

Materials needed:

Pine Cone Candle HolderPlastic cover from coffee can ( or similar container)

Fun Foam

Clear aluminum tin (such as from Tuna or cat food)

Glue Gun

Hot Glue sticks

Pine cone

This is a cool way to extend the enjoyment of (and treasures collected from) a nature walk with your kids. Take a large plastic lid from a coffee can or similar-size container, cover the top with fun foam in the color of your choice. Do the same with a small, empty, cleaned-out cat-food can (this was "Fancy Feast," I believe). Add some pretty trim around the edges -- like the gold braid shown here. Lastly, glue on those cool nature walk finds -- pine cones, seed pods, and more. Also terrific as an individual place-setting decoration on a fancy holiday table.