Photography Tips

Use print film (negatives) instead of slide film (transparencies). It’s easier to get print film processed. Only professional labs process slide film.

Use color film for young children. 100 or 200 ASA film provides good resolution and vibrant colors. Films with an ASA higher than 400 can create grainy pictures with muted colors.

Demonstrate holding the camera steadily. Older kids may want to attach their camera to a tripod, which steadies the camera and allows for more precision in composing shots.

Coach your child to look at a scene and ask herself, “What is it about this scene that I really like?” Then he can isolate what she wants by moving closer or using a different lens focal length. 

Placing the main subject somewhere other than dead center creates a more dynamic picture. If the main subject is a person or animal, leave some space in the direction the subject is facing so it appears to be entering the frame

Photograph people engaged in activities not posing for the camera. 

When photographing a moving subject, move the camera to follow the subject as the shot is being taken.  If done properly, the background will be blurred to give the feeling of fast motion and the subject will be sharp.

Challenge your child to look at things from different perspectives and angles. Try placing the camera on the ground and shooting up at the flowers in your garden.

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